This website reflects my love of music. From Teaching - to Playing - to several other hobbies which are, for the most part and not surprisingly, music-related.

For those interested in taking Ukulele Lessons information can be found regarding Fees and Policies.

I have also written a 120pp book for Ukulele musicians; a lot of the material taught in the lessons can also be found in that book. For more information see below and by clicking through the Menu to "Instruction Books".

The rest of the site includes free learning material, and sections that may be of general interest to visitors.

Announcing a new 120pp Instruction Book for Ukulele players:

"Music In 2 Movements
For The "Ukulele Jammer"

The book will provide you with all of the tools you need to understand the basics of Music Theory: Scales, Chords, etc presented in a very "user-accessible" manner. In addition, the book includes discussions of playing techniques such as Strumming, Fingerpicking, Improvisation, Chord-Melody, etc which are aimed at helping you progress your playing to the next level.

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